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The history of our Society goes back to 2011 when one of our founding members fell in love with kava while doing research on the islands of the South Pacific.  After several months of experimenting with locally available varieties and preparation methods he introduced the plant to a couple of his friends and colleagues at the University of Auckland as an attractive alternative to alcohol and a pleasant after-work beverage. With time, our kava sessions started attracting more and more people and the informal Kava Appreciation Society was created with the aims of sampling new kava varieties, discovering some of the world's finest kavas and learning about the plant itself and the fascinating kava culture. For the sake of simplicity, after some discussion the Society has decided to change its name to The Kava Society.


We meet once or twice a week to drink our favourite kavas, try new cultivars or products, engage in spirited discussions about anything from politics to movies to sports, eat light snacks and generally have a good time.  


After sampling hundreds of different kavas both in New Zealand and around the Pacific, we have acquired a good knowledge about various cultivars and kava producers. We have also become much more aware of the issues of kava quality, purity, nobility and problems with some of the kava vendors (you can read more about these matters in our About Kava section). As none of the existing NZ kava suppliers could meet our requirements for kava's quality, purity and consistency, as well as diversity of kava types and forms, by early 2014 we decided to source most of our kava directly from trustworthy and highly skilled kava farmers.  What is more, all the kavas we drink are regularly lab tested and analysed to ensure we only get the finest roots in the world. If you would like to learn more about or try our kavas, visit our Shop's page.


In addition to organising various social events, our aim is to provide accurate information about kava and its uses, support kava-related research projects and to promote responsible kava consumption in New Zealand.


In October 2014 we decided to create this website to promote sound knowledge about kava and some of the world's best, noble, pure and beautiful kavas from around the Pacific. We hope our website will help you to learn about kava and find answers to some of the frequently asked questions . If you have any question or would like to try some kava with us, please feel free to contact us.



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The Kava Society

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