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Kava in the Vatican

By The Kava Society, Feb 17 2016 03:16AM

A couple of months ago a group of travellers from around the Pacific organised (probably) the first kava session in the Vatican (see picture below). While this could have indeed been the first kava even in this tiny country, let's not forget that popes and bishops are no strangers to kava. John Paul II famously had a big shell of kava in Fiji back in 1986 and countless other church members have consumed it both around the Pacific and in other places inhabited by various Pacific islanders.

Drinking kava in the Vatican (source: http://350pacific.org)
Drinking kava in the Vatican (source: http://350pacific.org)

This reminds us of an interesting article on kava drinking and Christianity published a few months ago online. Check it out to learn more:

Peter Vandever: Jesus Would Drink Kava

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