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We will use this space to post stories and articles about kava culture, science and various kava experiences. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for new posts.


Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. What we present here is the literature we are familiar with and our own experiences related to the consumption of kava as a traditional beverage. If you do suffer from an illness, take any medications, require treatment or health advice, or have any other health concerns, you should consult your qualified health professional whether you can safely use kava.

By The Kava Society, Jan 17 2016 07:13AM

Many new kava users are very confused by the great variety of kava types, strains and forms and often need to spend hours online trying to figure out which kava to try. We've decided to write this quick article to sum up some of the basic info on the differences between various kavas available on the market.

By The Kava Society, Nov 2 2015 02:21AM

Today we are looking at how to make each (evening) kava session perfect, based on our own experiences. This guide is meant to be of use to those who want to drink kava at home, by themselves or with their partner/friend. We will soon publish another post dedicated to those who, like us, usually drink kava with a bunch of other people.

By The Kava Society, Apr 23 2015 04:29AM

So, you have heard about kava, the South Pacific plant and beverage. You have probably heard about its relaxing properties and that many people find it to be a good, non-addictive and non-stuporous alternative to alcohol. You might have heard people saying that kava helps them to take "the edge off" without making them lose mental awareness or control over their bodies and minds. You might have heard about the numerous sportsmen that use kava for their tired muscles or in order to calm their nerves after an important game. Whatever it is that you have heard about kava, it has made you interested enough to look for more information about it and to potentially try it.

Many people visiting our website or asking us about kava on campus are eager to try it, but often do not really know how to do it, or at least how to make the most out of their first kava session. Some of you are lucky and can just join us for one of our weekly sessions. Others have no choice but to consult Dr Google on how to begin their kava journey. The internet is full of articles and videos describing various preparation methods, as well as hundreds of other matters related to kava consumption, kava effects, kava dosage, kava types, kava forms, etc. However, what seems lacking is a short, concise guide to organizing your very first kava session in the most effective and enjoyable way. We've decided to to write this short article in order to fill this gap.

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