International Orders

We are happy to send our very high-quality kava to most destinations around the world. In order to place an international order, contact us by specifying your location, as well as the type, form and amount of kava your require.


The shipping cost varies depending on the order's weight, value and destination. As an indication: most orders below 1kg to destinations in Europe, Asia and North America should cost under $60 NZD (apx 35 EUR or USD) to ship via tracked international courier (target dlivery time of 2-6 working days).


Please note that we are NOT responsible for regulations regarding kava in your country. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are allowed to import, posses or use kava in your jurisdiction.


We currently do not ship kava to Poland, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.


Unfortunately it is illegal to export/import kava to Australia via post, courier services or unaccompanied baggage. However, it is perfectly legal for adults to bring up to 2 kilograms of kava powder to Australia in their accompanied baggage when they travel via aircraft or ship (see the Austrlian Department of Immigration and Border Protection's website on kava imports and allowances). We often sell kava to Australian customers visiting New Zealand. Let us know if you or any of your friends is planning to travel across the ditch - we can deliver kava to any hotel or private accommodation in the country.


Other destinations: We will ship kava at your request but cannot assume liability for customs seizures, charges, fees, duties and taxes in your country.  


Throughout the years we have sent quite a lot of kava to our friends and customers located across the entire globe. However, please note, that we don't guarantee delivery outside of New Zealand. If your package gets seized or doesn't reach you for any other reason, we won't be able to offer you any refund.  


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