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A slightly heavier Fijian kava praised for its mellow, long-lasting effects. We've always wanted to be able to offer a heavier, but not overwhelmingly sedating micronised kava and we are glad that we've finally managed to sourced this excellent, dreamy kava made from a ralatively rare "white" kasa leka cultivar. Just like our famous Blissful and Cheerful Fijian kavas, the Mellow Fijian it's a pure waka. Unlike other islanders, Fijians separate their kavas into two categories: waka and lawena. The former should contain nothing but the strong lateral roots and are consumed for their extra potency. As a fine waka, our Mellow Fijian offers potent and long lasting effects. It's a great kava for very calming evening sessions or as a nightcap. It's also great for tired muscles and and winding down after a stressful and exhausting day.
Mellow Fijian Micronised Kava

We usually sell all three types of kava: heady (more uplifting, cerebral and cheerful day-time kavas), heavy (deeper, nigth-time kavas), and balanced (harmonious combinations of the two types of effects). We also aim to offer kavas in three disctinct forms: the tradtional grind, and the  more convenient and potent per gram instant and micronised. You can read about these different types and forms of kava products and the key differences between them on our Kava Types and Forms page. You can find more information about kava types on our About Kava page. If you need instructions on how to prepare kava, visit our Kava Preparation page.


All prices are in New Zealand dollars. We currently offer free standard shipping to anywhere in New Zealand for all orders above $100. Otherwise standard shipping is $4.99. Courier shipping is $2.99 for orders above $100 and $6.99 for smaller orders. We aim to dispatch all orders within two working days.


Our kava products are meant to be used for preparation of traditional Pacific beverages and not as remedies for any health problems. If you do suffer from any kind of illness, take any medications, require treatment or health advice, or have any health concerns, you should consult your qualified medical professional whether you can safely use kava.







Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. The information provided on this website is not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. What we present here is the literature we are familiar with and our own experiences related to the consumption of kava as a traditional beverage. If you do suffer from an illness, take any medications, require treatment, or have any other concerns, we advise that you consult your GP whether you can safely use kava.


Consume kava in moderation. It may cause drowsiness.

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As our Society consumes large amounts of kava and as we care about the quality and safety of the kava we drink, we import some of the world's finest kavas directly from carefully selected farms from around the Pacific. We've decided to open this small shop to share the excellent products we regularly drink with others who look for high-quality, exceptionally potent and rare kavas.


We are proud to be New Zealand's only Certified Noble Kava Vendor. All our kavas are regularly tested and approved by T.K. Group Labs, using methods accepted by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention and leading kava experts. This way we know that we only consume and sell genuinely noble and pure kava roots of outstanding quality and potency.  We strongly believe that these truly are the best kavas available from anywhere in the world.  


Our kavas are sourced from small, and in many ways exceptional, kava farms located in the best kava growing regions of Oceania. We typically sell roots from Tonga, Hawaii, Vanuatu and Fiji. All our well-selected and meticulously processed kavas encapsulate the essence of unique characteristics of the finest kava varieties grown in these diverse regions.

Oceania's Finest Kavas