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Cheerful Fijian Traditional Grind Kava


A potent and predominately heady Fijian kava. This excellent kava originates from the South coast of Fiji's second largest island Vanua Levu. The region's fertile soils, adequate rainfall and lush greenery create perfect conditions for cultivating strong and healthy kava plants. Unlike other islanders, Fijians separate their kavas into two categories: waka and lawena. The former should contain nothing but the strong lateral roots and are consumed for their extra potency. Cheerful Fijian is a strong, surprisingly heady waka offering seriously relaxing effects, noticeable cheerfulness and incredible mental peace and clarity characteristic of only the finest, heady kavas of Oceania. After its initial cerebral effects, it slowly moves towards the rest of the body and feels like a gentle massage. Its body load is relatively mild, but nonetheless pleasant and long-lasting. Great for every-day stress and worries, very good for socialising and sunny weekends.

It has a relatively light, creamy colour and a woody, spicy smell. Despite its potency it has a smooth texture and relatively mild flavour . Being a full waka, it has a a slightly bitter and delicately smokey aftertaste, but it is nonetheless surprisingly easy to drink.

The only certified noble, traditional Fijian kava powder in New Zealand. Requires straining. We recommend using apx 30-35g per session, but note that each person requires a different amount of kava to feel and enjoy its effects.  Average chemotype: 461325.


"A very unique and pleasant kava; it really eases you into it slowly building and building over time before plateauing and then staying there for the better part of two and a half hours before slowly tapering off. Very nice relaxing, euphoric, and anxiolytic properties while still maintaining an alertness of mind and clear headedness."

"I think this kava would be equally suited to a daytime or evening session and under any circumstances. While there is a fair bit of relaxation the body load and sedation is not sufficient enough to keep you from being active physically or mentally if you want to but plenty to make for an enjoyable night on the couch if you so choose. All in all I think this is a great anytime/any situation kava. I could just as easily have a session and take a hike or work outside as I could sit on the back porch and watch the sun go down. This is probably a great kava for those with social anxiety or who want something relaxing that isn't going to knock them out or turn them into a couch potato."

"The effects are very calm, soothing & hypnotic, offering great anxiety relief and peace that is quite noticeable even after one strong shell"

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