Kava Strainer Bag


Possibly the best kava strainer bag on the market. We've experimented with heaps of different strainers and we are confident that this food grade 75 micron nylon filter bag is simply perfect: tough, durable, re-usable, easy to wash and convenient. Use it with fine, noble kava powder to make a smooth and easy to drink kava beverage.

How to use it? Insert a desired amount of kava inside the bag. Place the strainer containing the kava powder into an empty bowl. Next, pour warm water directly into the bag with the kava (make sure the powder stays inside!). Let this sit in the bowl for a few minutes to loosen the tougher fibres. Twist the top of your kava strainer closed and gently press out all the excess air. Begin kneading the powder that’s inside the bag in the water. Alternate kneading the bag in the bowl and twisting it to strain all the water out. After a few minutes your water should turn brown/grey and should start feelign a bit oily. Knead for a few more minutes (10 minutes in total) and then squeeze the bag to remove all water from the root particles while not letting any actual root into your ready beverage.

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