Mellow Fijian Micronised Kava


A slightly heavier Fijian kava praised for its mellow, long-lasting effects. We've always wanted to be able to offer a heavier, but not overwhelmingly sedating micronised kava and we are glad that we've finally managed to sourced this excellent, dreamy kava made from a ralatively rare "white" kasa leka cultivar. Just like our famous Blissful and Cheerful Fijian kavas, the Mellow Fijian it's a pure waka. Unlike other islanders, Fijians separate their kavas into two categories: waka and lawena. The former should contain nothing but the strong lateral roots and are consumed for their extra potency. As a fine waka, our Mellow Fijian offers potent and long lasting effects. It's a great kava for very calming evening sessions or as a nightcap. It's also great for tired muscles and and winding down after a stressful and exhausting day.  

The only certified, properly micronised kava in New Zealand. Our micronised kavas are produced by extremely fine grinding of dried kava roots free of the coarse fibres and extraneous plant material. It means that you don't need to strain or filter this kava and can simply mix it directly with water or your favourite soft drink to create a smooth and easy to drink kava beverage. As we strive to remove all weak and hard fibres prior to micronisation, our final product can be much stronger than standard micronised kavas which contain all parts of the root. We recommend using 10-15g of powder per session, but note that each person requires a different amount of kava to feel and enjoy its effects.  Average kavalactone content: 10%. Average chemotypes:  462351


"It's nicely balanced, pleasantly potent and has a deeper vibe than most of the other kavas. It it is strong in effects and potency but relatively and perhaps surprisingly light on both the stomach and the palette."

"Its flavour is woody and slightly medicinal but dissipates quickly. The experience is very relaxing and gets you thinking and feeling more loosely, it's notably anxiolytic. I notice my eye-lides getting droopy while a tiny smile of contentment spreads across my face. Later into the session I can feel my eyes wanting to close entirely, not to sleep, but to enjoy the meditative mind-massage state without any added distractions. Sleep was easy and excellent, as expected."

"I noticed that every time I drank this kava, I had a wonderful night of sleep and rest. I usually wake up feeling rested and comfortable, with no lingering effects."

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