Pacific Elixir Traditional Grind Kava

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A balanced/heady blend of some of the finest cultivars of Oceania. It’s is specially formulated and expertly blended to capture the essence of the very best kava experience. As such, it is an impressively potent and mentally refreshing kava that promotes a state of peaceful calmness and pleasant relaxation without being overly sedating. This wonderful kava is perfect both as a relaxing tonic at the end of a busy, stressful day and as a companion to joyful weekend sessions with friends. It’s a also a great kava for a tranquil, pleasurable contemplation and/or creative thinking.

The use of cultivars known for lower bitterness, a slightly higher ratio of stump to lateral roots and a very meticulous processing technique give this blend a unique, deceptively mild and fresh scent and taste. It has a complex, nutty and peppery flavour with notes of white chocolate, licorice and spices. It makes a light-coloured and slightly oily beverage with a surprisingly high level of potency.  

Please note that  the specific chemotype, combination of strains, colour and flavour can vary slightly from batch to batch depending on the availability of specific cultivars (we use kavain-rich cultivars from Hawaii, Vanuatu and Tonga), but we aim to maintain its relatively pleasant tasting profile and an attractive 426315 chemotype or similar.

Certified noble traditional grind kava powder. Requires straining. We recommend using apx 30-35g per session, but note that each person requires a different amount of kava to feel and enjoy its effects.

Recent reviews:

"I have been drinking kava for nearly ten years, tried it from different sources here and on the islands and I must say this is probably the best kava powder I have ever had. It's potent, but not too heavy.  Incredibly pleasant and euphoric."

"I had some last night after a long day and found it quite relaxing and uplifting for me personally.  A great mix of not too stimulating but also not overly sedating...just relaxed and happy. I would say probably my favourite with great balance of effects vs powder used! The taste is awesome ( easy drinking might make it easier to drink to much!) also with almost a hint of chocolate"

"Worth every cent.  It  has some of the best effects, making you feel blissful and relaxed, but not as  sedated as some other kavas.. You also do not need to mix as much of the Kava to experience a strong effect. Amazing."

"Fantastic product. The effects are unmatched and taste is also much better than any other powdered kava I've tried."

"We absolutely love it!  I felt an instant calm come over my body from my first gulp and I love the wind down it gave me since I was wound a bit tight.  I actually really like the taste as well.  Shane loves how it's a long lasting muscle and mental relaxant and he loves the smooth taste.  Shane says it's like a balanced mix of the best effects of Vanuatuan, Fijian and Hawaiian!  And I totally agree with him! It's wonderful."

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