Quick Shell Instant Kava


A smooth and harmonious instant kava made from selected noble cultivars of balanced and heady character.

Our instant kavas are made by dehydrating the resin of a very powerful fresh kava mixture (obtained through a cold water extraction of freshly harvested kava roots) until all that remains are the pure instant granules that you can mix directly with water or your favourite soft drink. It is the smoothest and the easiest to drink form of kava. It's also the closest thing to drinking fresh kava on the islands. We recommend using 10-15g of powder per session, but note that each person requires a different amount to feel and enjoy its effects. Average chemotype:  423165

Some of the reviews:

"Wow, it really tastes and smells like fresh kava. Very easy to drink. Puts a smile on my face. Superb product!"

"The effects were pretty much ideal. Cerebral, but not too simulating. Relaxing, but not sedating. But the best thing about this kava is how convenient it is to use either with just plain water or with some mango juice and ice cubes."

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