Royal Hawaiian Traditional Grind Kava

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One of the most cerebral and mentally uplifting kavas in the world. As the headiest and one of the strongest of all Hawaiian kavas this powerful cultivar was traditionally reserved for the Hawaiian priests and high chiefs, who clearly recognized its very unique properties. It's been praised for its ability to stimunate alertness, good mood, cheerfulness and sociability. These features make it just perfect for day-time drinking, social interactions, parties and serious creative work.  A true gem.

Certified Noble Hawaiian tradtional kava powder. Requires straining. We recommend using apx 30-35g per session, but note that each person requires a different amount of kava to feel and enjoy its effects.   Average chemotype:  463251


"The master "heady" kava. It is absolutely the most potent head dominant strain I've ever had. Being that I've always had a hard time 'feeling' heady strains, I'm glad to have this one around, as it allows me to enjoy a proper, strong, heady kava experience without having to waste an obscene amount of root."

"Just a few seconds after the first shell I started experiencing the first, very, very heady effects: a little bit of spinning, ringing, and euphoria. I quickly took another shell. My mind relaxed. I waited for 10-20 minutes and just when I started feeling that my body was slowly melting, I took another shell. My mind became fully relaxed, but at the same time very clear and focused. The feeling of serenity started slowly dripping from my head down to the other parts of my body. All the stress and floods of random thoughts were gone. I smiled and started thinking slowly about a few important matters that I couldn't concentrate enough on before."

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