Why choose our Kava?


-We know our kava. It has taken us mountains of samples, hundreds of sampling sessions and thousands of kilometres of travels around the Pacific to select the rare and unique kavas we currently drink and sell. We are in close contact with numerous kava growers and can trace every kava batch to its source. We drink each of our kava varieties regularly and would never sell anything that we would have any doubts about.


-We are very proud to be New Zealand's only Certified Noble Kava Vendor. All our kavas are regularly tested and approved by T.K. Group Labs, using methods accepted by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention and leading kava experts. This way we know that we only consume and sell noble and pure kava roots of outstanding quality and potency. You can read about the importance of ensuring nobility and purity here.


-Our kava is strong. We make sure that all our kavas are made from mature, strong plants, but we also ask our farmer friends to use a higher than normal ratio of lateral roots to ensure extra potency. In result, our kava is not only of better quality, but also more potent per gram than most (if not all) powders sold around New Zealand.  A small amount of our powder can go a long way.

-We are passionate about kava science. We not only carefully study kava, but also support and participate in various kava research projects in New Zealand and overseas. We are in regular contact with some of the key kava researchers.  You can be assured that we select our kavas in accordance with the latest kava science and the recommendations of the leading kava experts.


-We are committed to supporting kava farmers and a healthy kava industry. By buying our kava products you not only support our kava growing friends across the Pacific, but also assist us in our research activities, as well as our mission of kava advocacy and promotion of responsible kava consumption in New Zealand and around the world.


-All of our kavas are packed in durable, air-tight zip-lock bags in an A-grade facility in Mount Roskill, Auckland. Prior to being packed into smaller bags, our kavas are stored in vacuum-sealed containers to ensure freshness and high potency.  


-We offer quick shipping and a very knowledgeable and friendly customer service. We are always there to answer any questions you might have. Kava is our passion and we will be very happy to share it with you.

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