Kava for Insomnia

For many kava users, the plant's powerful relaxing properties make it a highly effective and safe cure for insomnia or other sleep disorders. According to our fellow kava drinkers, unlike in the case of many of the manufactured drugs, kava is capable of bringing a truly restful and deep sleep without potential for addiction or high risk of harmful side effects. Kava can help you to sleep well by addressing the key factors causing problems with sleep: stress and anxiety (for one example of a scientific study looking at kava's effectiveness in relieving stress and insomnia click here). While the plant won't make your real-life problems go away, it may bring a relief from excessive stress and various forms of anxiety. As noted by our friends, it can relax your muscles and give your mind much-needed calmness, tranquility. . 

As always, remember that we are not medical professionals and the above statements simply reflect our own experiences and the literature we are familiar with. If you do suffer from any illness, take medications or require treatment or have any concerns, consult your GP whether you can safely use kava.