Kava is an ancient plant that has been consumed for social, cultural, medicinal and political reasons for millennia. Originally from the islands of the South Pacific, kava has recently become popular around the world. People across the globe value it for its powerful relaxing, calming and healing properties. Some drink it for a relief from stress, anxiety, pain or insomnia. Others consume it for recreational or social purposes. To many, kava presents an attractive, non-addictive, non-stuporous and healthier alternative to alcohol. When consumed with friends, kava can promote peace, tranquillity, harmony and cooperation, all so needed in the noisy world of ruthless competition.

With its proximity to Polynesia and Melanesia as well as with its large Pasifika population, New Zealand is one of the world's biggest centres of kava drinking.

Yet, while the quantity of root consumed in Aotearoa is high, the quality of many kavas sold and drunk around the country leaves a lot to be desired. Similarly, popular knowledge about kava's properties and culture remains limited and mired with misconceptions and misunderstandings. As a result, many kiwis drink non-noble, impure and mediocre kava, or are not interested in drinking kava at all, considering it to be little more than useless "muddy water".  

In order to address these issues, as well as to have a good time, we have created a society dedicated to the joyful consumption of some of the world's finest kavas, kava advocacy, as well as promotion of the kava culture and pure, noble kava varieties from around the Pacific.


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